Great News! Immediately after this event, there will be a follow up Zoom for parents who would like to learn about and consider joining a monthly support group for homeschooling and unschooling families or families who intend to send their children to conventional schools but would like to incorporate self-directed strategies and advocacy into their children's education/life experience.

This group, as do all my services, will always seek to de-center whiteness and other male-heteronormative systems of oppression from our children's overall life and educational experience, a practice which not only benefits Black children and other children of color, but also white children being raised in families who are committed to anti-racism. From book suggestions, to topics for socratic discussions, to a rejection of standardized testing as a measure of our children's achievement, raising children who self-directed and aware is how we will create a more beautiful possiblity for the future. 

If you would be interested in finding out more about this monthly support service, plan to stick around. 

In order to respect and honor a need to have safe spaces for Black and other families of color, there will be a separate group for Black and Brown families and one for white families and BIPOC who prefer to be a part of a mixed group.

Group Starts September

Sign up fee $75 + $125 first month

$200 for a family of one

$221 for more than one


Cost is $200 for a family one
please note there is an additional charge of $21 for more than one.
($75 sign up fee + $125 first mo)


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